Dramatic Changes to YouTube Kids Segment in 2020

The previous year, kid bloggers earned a lot from content monetization. The kids segment was considered the most profitable and the most stable on the platform up until this year, when the СОРРА law came into effect and a few months later we were all hit with the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, this year many kidfluencers have to deal with lower income and YouTube sanctions, forcing some to completely stop their work.

How to Make Your Channel Safer: Compliance with COPPA

It’s challenging for creators to keep in mind all platform algorithms. For example, two videos that might seem similar at first sight can be identified differently by YouTube algorithms. You have to be prepared for this and avoid any controversial issues.

  • Create safe content
  • Be aware of the risks
  1. Work together with the author to eliminate the issue
  2. We contact YouTube to turn off the sanctions

New Ways to Monetize

After experiencing a decline in income, kids segment bloggers divided into two groups:

  • the other group consists of creators trying to find solutions using new instruments.

How to Grow Your Audience with Content Translation and Localization

To increase income, creators need to reach new audiences and markets, in line with the new policies. Content translation and localization is an easy way to enter international markets with your brand, receive new viewers worldwide, and increase income.

  • An increase in YouTube audience
  • Worldwide popularity

YouTube Kids: How to Get There.

  • Option 2 — Use AIR Media-Tech Services. Even the least likely channels can get on YouTube Kids.



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