Not Protecting Your Content From Piracy Can Cost You Views

How Can I Protect My Content?

YouTube has introduced different tools that copyright owners can use to protect their content.

But how exactly does Content ID deal with unauthorized uploads?

  1. It blocks them. The tool simply blocks all identified copies of copyrighted content.
  2. It monetizes them. Creators earn by monetizing identified unauthorized uploads.
  3. It scans the platform for unauthorized uploads. By enabling the scanning feature, creators prevent other parties from monetizing their content uploads.

Do I Need Content ID?

Is Content ID really that cool and can it help me achieve more popularity?

  1. You can track your content popularity across the platform. The more uploads there are, the more popular you are.
  2. You can allow the use of your content in specific areas and earn by monetizing. For example, you can use the Monetization policy in Germany and France and Scanning — in Russia.
  3. You can popularize your content with Campaigns. This is a unique Content ID feature that creates special links (tips). When pirates upload such videos, they appear with links that lead to authentic content. These tips are automatically set up by the system when creating Campaigns and pirates can’t disable them.

How can I be granted the Content ID tool?

YouTube only provides access to Content ID to copyright owners who meet specific platform requirements. Applicants have to provide evidence that they own exclusive rights to the materials.

How AIR Works with Content ID to Protect and Promote Creators Content:

  • We block unauthorized uploads.
  • We block duplicate channels upon creators’ request.
  • We help increase channel traffic by blocking videos with stolen content. Content only remains available on the authentic channel and receives all views. Fantastic, right?
  • We block previously uploaded videos. Let’s say you want to delete your old videos as they don’t meet platform guidelines and might affect your reputation on the platform. Obviously, you don’t want them to appear as unauthorized uploads. No worries, we block them for you.
  • We help monetize unauthorized uploads. With Content ID, not only can we block stolen content, but we can monetize it for you. It’s about time you earn from all of your content uploads!
  • We popularize your content and analyze statistics with the Scanning tool policy. A significant number of uploads points to an author’s popularity.
  • We help attract additional traffic with the Campaigns feature.
  • We protect against duplicate channels. This feature makes it possible for successful TikTok and Instagram authors to monetize their content on YouTube when it’s already being used by someone else.
  • We block unauthorized videos used in live streams.
  • We enable timestamps to protect your videos with short snippets of unauthorized content. That way, Content ID won’t include timestamps while searching for unauthorized uploads and you can continue using these videos.
  • Note: If you allow certain parties to use your content with advertising or for other purposes and are concerned that Content ID will block these videos, just use the Whitelist feature. You can add specific channels to the Whitelist and the system will ignore them. You can also remove channels from the Whitelist at any time.

How Can I Start Using Content ID?

  1. Based on the channel analysis provided by our team, we identify if your channel needs any changes to become eligible for Content ID. If your video contains short snippets of unauthorized content, we work together with you to enable timestamps.
  2. We train our partners to work with the tool by giving you a chance to enable Content ID for one of your videos that contains no unauthorized snippets.
  3. You can obtain independent Content ID access and enable the tool for all old and new videos. Or, we can simply do it for you.
  4. We provide you with Content ID reports and monetization revenue analysis upon your request.
  5. And the most pleasant part — we organize payouts.



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