Lockdown Content Ideas

Fitness and Sport:

  • Best home training
  • How to plan your nutrition at home
  • Box/Crossfit/Dance home training
  • Best videos for training at home
  • Motivational advice for working on your body
  • Training equipment
  • Anti-stress training


  • Home spa ritual
  • Beauty advice while staying at home
  • How to remove gel nail polish
  • Perfect nails at home
  • How to take care of long hair
  • Makeup ideas to look your best at home
  • Best makeup tutorials selection
  • Home face massage
  • Face care during lockdown: masks and peelings
  • A selection of budget beauty products

Home Decor:

  • A selection of internet purchases for your home
  • Advice on home office design
  • How to turn your home into your favorite movie character’s apartment
  • A selection of candles to increase productivity or relaxation
  • Creating a learning area for children
  • Recreation and work areas in your apartment
  • How to set up a workspace in your apartment to increase productivity


  • How to stay in a good mood during isolation
  • Home entertainment ideas
  • How to spend alone time
  • Tips for maintaining relationships with loved ones during a lockdown
  • How to deal with stress and anxiety
  • Book Recommendations


  • Home entertainment for kids
  • Childcare during quarantine
  • Best educational videos/websites for kids
  • Educational book recommendations for kids
  • Tips for keeping kids busy during your zoom meetings
  • How not to go crazy with kids of different ages in the same room
  • Best ways to organize homeschooling


  • Best virtual tours
  • Travel list
  • Tips on how to get to the country of your choice
  • Interesting locations in your country
  • Secret spots in your city
  • What to do when you can’t travel


  • Family nutrition plan
  • Light recipes
  • Cooking with less ingredients
  • A selection of interesting seasonings
  • Easy baking for everyone
  • Ideas for substituting ingredients
  • Recipes for date nights at home
  • Health-improving foods


  • Basic wardrobe essentials
  • Comfy clothes for the home
  • Clothes for working at home
  • How to dress for a work video call
  • Stylish trends
  • How to replace lux brands with mass-market clothing


  • DIY children’s projects
  • Crafts for adults
  • What to do at home
  • DIY art projects
  • DIY to relax

It’s important to remember that during lockdown your audience needs support.

Today it’s more important than ever to show your concern for viewers and to support them. Platform data proves this fact. 47% of platform users shared that YouTube has become their main helper in solving various life issues. About 82% used the platform to learn to do something with their hands. For example, how to repair something, cook, or take care of pets. This confirms that your role in the YouTube community is more important today than ever. So, follow your mission and create only high-quality content!



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