Kids Diana Show Became the First Largest Kids Vlog with 100M Subscribers on YouTube

About the Kids Diana Show

Diana hosts fascinating and playful adventures in her videos with her parents, brother Roma, and baby Oliver. However, pretend play remains an essential part of children’s growth, and it’s inspiring to see that millions of kids and families worldwide have found a playmate in Diana.

The Beginning of a Great Success Story

The first video on the Kids Diana Show channel appeared in 2015. One-year-old Diana sat in a stroller while her mother introduced the girl behind the scenes to the audience and said the blog would be dedicated to the baby. Initially, the parents didn’t have plans to turn their kids’ pastime into a business. But then, in 2015, the family turned to AIR Creators Ecosystem in the spring of that year for an initial strategy. The channel quickly hit 1 million subscribers in just over a year. More and more children were excited to watch how Diana plays, learns, sings, and shares her life experiences. When Diana got her first million subscribers, Elena and Volodymyr quickly left their jobs to focus on creating content full-time. This year the Kids Diana Show hit 100 mil subscribers and became the first largest kids vlog on YouTube!

The Secret of Diana’s Success

Hard work, the creation of high-quality and inspiring content with new and out-of-the-box ideas, plus regular posting, has helped this creator pick up the pace very fast.



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