YouTube Changes in 2020 — Key Trends

When we talk about 2020, we can’t avoid Covid-19. Coronavirus became the reality of everyday life and impacted both YouTube trends and creators’ content. Interestingly, during the isolation period, YouTube generated more than 15 % of the world’s traffic. During this time, viewers’ preferences also changed. Categories that started growing are Film & Movies, Health & Fitness, News & Politics, and Education/Science. These indicators show what viewers were interested in during quarantine.

The Latest YouTube Updates and Work Tricks

Coronavirus is not the only new thing. This year YouTube has worked to generate new content and to promote it on the platform. For this purpose, in 2020 YouTube developers monthly introduced new features to help creators during this difficult time. Among the new cool and helpful features are important updates in the kids segment, new Creative Studio version, ad settings updates, independent video certification and many more. But only a few authors managed to figure out the new functions; some are intimidated by a bunch of innovations, and some simply don’t know how to work with them. Does that describe you? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything important about YouTube updates and how to use them in order to earn substantial profit to your channel.

5 Steps to Grow Your Channel 10X by the End of 2021

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