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In this article we will share the main points so that you can start working towards your goals on YouTube right away.

In 2020, every creator faced a ton of difficulties that impacted the growth of their channel in some way. Meanwhile, our AIR Мedia-Тech team monitored trends and indicators for creators in our ecosystem and noticed some specific patterns. As a result, we’ve come up with solutions that will help bloggers reach their goals in 2021.

At the AIR Influence MeetUp, How to grow your YouTube channel up to 10x in 2021, we will share a step-by-step plan for how to reach a new level on your platform. We won’t waste your time. We will offer critical updates and useful content for creators. Learn more details here and be sure to watch the live streaming or the recorded video of the event to find out about new opportunities and perspectives for your channel.

In this article we will share the main MeetUp topics so that you can start working towards your goals on YouTube right away.

YouTube Changes in 2020 — Key Trends

When we talk about 2020, we can’t avoid Covid-19. Coronavirus became the reality of everyday life and impacted both YouTube trends and creators’ content. Interestingly, during the isolation period, YouTube generated more than 15 % of the world’s traffic. During this time, viewers’ preferences also changed. Categories that started growing are Film & Movies, Health & Fitness, News & Politics, and Education/Science. These indicators show what viewers were interested in during quarantine.

At the AIR Influence MeetUp you will learn how to create content in these new circumstances, what topics are trending and how to work with them.

The Latest YouTube Updates and Work Tricks

Coronavirus is not the only new thing. This year YouTube has worked to generate new content and to promote it on the platform. For this purpose, in 2020 YouTube developers monthly introduced new features to help creators during this difficult time. Among the new cool and helpful features are important updates in the kids segment, new Creative Studio version, ad settings updates, independent video certification and many more. But only a few authors managed to figure out the new functions; some are intimidated by a bunch of innovations, and some simply don’t know how to work with them. Does that describe you? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything important about YouTube updates and how to use them in order to earn substantial profit to your channel.

5 Steps to Grow Your Channel 10X by the End of 2021

Turns out you can grow your channel ten times over a year by simply following a well-defined plan. Imagine that a year from now you would grow ten times and would be earning ten times more than your current success. Want to know how to achieve this level of success?

Stick to the Effective Video Structure

Some creators often ignore this practice and solely rely on improvisation. Others keep creating videos with a wrong structure, but make the same strategic mistakes. As a result, all of them face one problem: drop off of audience retention rate.

Proper video structure affects watch time, the key indicator of the platform algorithm, and engages your viewers to watch the entire video. The more effectively you use the video structure the more your channel will benefit in the end.

At our MeetUp we will show you the current elements of the video structure and teach you how to use them in videos of different styles so that you can increase your channel’s watch time efficiently.

Interact With Your Audience

For many creators viewers are mysterious creatures and they don’t know how to act with them. Many creators lose views and subscribers because they don’t know the basics of interacting with the audience. We’d like to share a secret: no matter the subject of your channel, your viewers want to see a living person they can talk to like a friend and someone with whom they can empathize.

Naturally even this simple task requires specifics. Your behavior on camera has to both attract your viewers and motivate them to interact with you. There are simple rules you should follow in order to increase your audience loyalty and to feel more confident on camera.

Follow Trends Wisely

If you decide to follow trends, you have to do it wisely. Many YouTube creators simply copy popular challenges, topics and styles and forget to add individuality. Simple copying will not gain views or subscribers, quite the opposite — it will kill your channel’s traffic.
Stick to golden mean: use all instruments to search for trends and interests for your specific audience, analyze your competitors, and only then bring to life your boldest ideas and trends.

Join the MeetUp to receive specific recommendations for how to create trending content in 2021.

Optimize Your Channel

There are a lot of myths and false beliefs about YouTube algorithms. For many years of our official partnership with the platform we’ve learned how to “hack” this system and to become the algorithms’ favorite. Plus, proper optimization can make your channel and videos more attractive to viewers. In simple words, it will increase their desire to watch the video, go to your channel, and subscribe.

Video cover image, title, description, tags and even video duration are all important parts of successful optimization. And you should know how to properly work with them.

We will give simple rules to grow your audience and increase retention.

Analyze Indicators and Immediately Correct Your Actions

Audience reaction is your main free instrument for growth on the platform. You can track when viewers liked your content by analyzing likes and dislikes. When creating new videos, regularly analyze main indicators and react in a timely manner in case of negative responses. For example, change your cover image to attract more attention or collaborate to receive additional traffic.
We will teach you how to impact key indicators in YouTube Analytics.

If you master the above elements of blogging, you’ll get a detailed recipe for a successful YouTube channel. Realizing your mistakes and creating a specific plan of action is half the work. Bringing your dreams to life is regular work that will soon become a habit. Remember, the earlier you start the better results you’ll get. So don’t wait! Receive maximum info from the official YouTube partner for FREE right now.

Register and get a step-by-step plan for reaching a new level on YouTube!

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