Gift Membership: the New Long-Awaited YouTube Feature for Streamers

  1. The author’s audience has an additional opportunity to influence the activity of the author’s channel.
  2. After experiencing all the benefits of the bonuses provided by the author, donors who were gifted a subscription want to remain donors and further extend the subscription on their own. And this becomes a stable source of income for authors.
  • YouTube Membership Audit. Here, we analyze channel performance and develop personalized recommendations so you can better use the Membership feature and provide bonuses to your fans.
  • YouTube Membership Design is a tool that designs unique badges and emojis you can give to channel donors. Fans feel special and involved in the content, so even ordinary viewers start to subscribe for membership.
  • YouTube Supers via Gyre enables Super Features for streams (Super Chat, Super Stickers) while using the Gyre streaming service.



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